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1. A letter from Father to son advising him to prepare himself for a career in biotechnology.
2. A letter from son to father who wants him to pursue a career in biotechnology.
3. A letter from father to son complaining of his neglect in business.

1. A letter from Father to son advising him to prepare himself for a career in biotechnology
Mr. William Bryant
821 West Baltimore Pike PO Box 79
West Grove PA 19390
25 March 200..

My dear William,

I was glad to receive your long letter yesterday. Thank you dear for not making me wait unduly for your mail. Everybody down here is fine and all of us hope that you are in the best of your health and spirit. We do hope sincerely that you are putting your best efforts in studies for the coming examination.

It gave me immense pleasure to know from your letter that you have secured first position in your college in the second semester examination. I am indeed proud of your performance in biology, physics and mathematics. This is encouraging, as these 3 subjects would help you in getting a foothold into the world of high technology. Many of my friends who are in the electronic engineering field are recommending for you a career in biotechnology. I wish my dear son you could one day become an eminent engineer in this field and earn respect and dignity in the society. You could be in the service of our nation, which, you knowis striving for excellence in every field of human endeavor.

Well, son, good-bye for the time being. I shall write to you again in a week or two. Please do your best in the studies in order to achieve your cherished goal. Meanwhile your mother and brother have asked me to convey their best wishes to you.

Nothing more to add.

Your loving father,
Peter Bryant

2. A letter from son to father who wants him to pursue a career in biotechnology
Mr. Peter Bryant
60-62 Christ Church Road,
Bournemouth, BH1 3NL

29 March 200..

My dear father,

I received your affectionate letter dated 25 March 200.. and was excited about your choice of profession for me. Perhaps you are not aware that I have already discussed this with my lecturers and they have recommended the same as you have. I assure you that I have already made up my mind about taking up biotechnology at degree level. My resolution is to do all in my power to fulfill my desire. As you say I want to serve my nation, once I become an engineer and excel myself in the profession.

I am sure that you would be happy to learn about my membership in our college computer club. It gives me an excellent opportunity to expose myself in the operation of electronic gadgets. As I am tied up with my studies as well as tuition classes, I have hardly any spare time to write a lengthy letter to you or mother.

Father, forgive me for not sending you a detailed letter; I would have done it if not for my busy schedule.

My regards to mother and brother at home.
Nothing more to add at the moment.
Till then!
Your loving son,
William Bryant

3. A letter from father to son complaining of his neglect in business
Dated December 20, 200..

My dear Win,

Perhaps you are not aware how much concerned I am at your indifferent attitude to our business affairs, which has reflected itself in the mismanagement of our manufacturing plant. Negligence occasionally is excusable but if it occurs too frequently, it is sure to affect our business adversely. I can no longer allow this situation to continue for eventually we have to close down our plant. You ought to know that the soul of business lies in hard work and punctuality. Do I have to remind you that perseverance and dedication are two virtues for successful management of business?

It gave me a great shock to learn from my customers that you were not meeting their demands and that your belated responses to their enquiries had turned them away to our rival companies. Dear son, this hardly agues well for our business. You must shake off your idle and slovenly traits and get down to serious work. It seems you have associated with unscrupulous characters lately and shed your responsibility as the manager of the business concern.

Please think seriously about the responsibility you shoulder and act accordingly; it is never too late to mend you. I sincerely hope that you would take my advice seriously and take a determined course to bring credit and respect to our business concern as well as to your family.

Your affectionate father,

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